How large can I print my image?

To calculate the maximum print size for your image, you will need to first find out the pixel dimensions of your image (HxW). The way to determine pixel dimensions will vary depending on whether you are attempting to print an image from Facebook or Instagram or if you are printing an image from your computer. 

Finding the pixel dimensions of an image online (Facebook and Instagram)

  1. Place your cursor over the image, and right-click (PC) orCtrl-click (Mac).
  2. If you're using:
  • Internet Explorer - Choose Properties.
  • Firefox - Choose View Image Info.
  • Safari - Choose Inspect Element and then click on Images on the left-hand side. Click on the image and view the properties in the Styles section on the right-hand side. 
    Note: Safari doesn't display the image file size, but you can typically Ctrl-click to save the image and view the properties.
  • Chrome - You'll have to have install an app that lets you view the properties within the browser.
  3.Locate the "Size" line that shows the image's file size  and the "Dimensions" line to see the height and width in pixels.

Finding the pixel dimensions of an image on your computer

  1. Place your cursor over the image icon, and right-click if you are using a PC or Ctrl-click if you are using a Mac.
  2. Choose Properties if you are on a PC or Get Infoif you are on a Mac.
  3. PC only: Click the Details tab.
  4. Scroll down to the File Section to view the image size on a PC. A mac will display the image size towards the bottom of the Get Info window.

Once you have the image size, your next step is to enter those measurements into the equation below:

[width in pixels] / 100 = [optimal print width in inches]

[height in pixels] / 100 = [optimal print height in inches]

For example, if your image is sized 3200x2400, your equation will look like this:

3200 pixels / 100 = 32"

2400 pixels / 100 = 24"

Your next step would be to match up the optimal print dimensions (32"x24") with the canvas sizes that we offer. To make sure your canvas prints clearly, you must not select a HxW combination that is greater than either of your optimal print dimensions. You will also want to ensure that your image has a similar aspect ratio as the canvas. Most images have an aspect ratio of 3:4. The example we gave would be best printed as a 24"x18".

Even if your image does not equate to the canvas size you have in mind, we may still be able to print your image at that size. Our artists are extremely skilled in enhancing image quality. Please just contact us if you have any questions about printing your image at a larger size.

You can all feel free to simply email the image to: and we will be happy to let you know what size would be best! 

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