Why do I have to pay anything extra if I bought or have a Groupon?

When using a Groupon, the only additional fees you pay for are for anything extra you add to the order, and shipping (rates will vary based on the shipping method you select).

NOTE: Most often when people report order total issues, it's due ordering the wrong size, or additional quantities.

At the end of the checkout process, you will see a GROUPON CREDIT reflecting the amount of the GROUPON you paid for.

Here are the instructions we provide that walk you through the process to shop with a Groupon. 

To use your Groupon, please do the following:

1) Visit http://www.canvas.my/groupon

2) Enter your Groupon Code and click "Apply Now". For assistance with locating your voucher code, you will need to contact Groupon.

3) Start shopping by selecting the item size of the Groupon you purchased.

4) Finalize the items in your cart and proceed to checkout.

5) On the "VERIFY & SUBMIT" final step screen, you will choose your shipping method. 

6) You will then see a "GROUPON CREDIT" amount shown in the "ORDER SUMMARY" summary section on the bottom right reflecting the amount you paid for your Groupon.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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