Design Services

Design Services: SimpleTOUCH-UP

This design service is the most basic level of photo editing we offer. It will provide you with 6 different services that will "touch up" your photo.  Most adjustments at this level are applied in a non-destructive manner. This means that an artist can to go back and see what changes were made to the photo. Unless we receive specific directions on your order, the photo edits applied to an order are left to the artist’s own discretion and artistic opinion. Some photos will require all of the services offered, while others may only need one or two.

Basic Color Correction:

Some photos we receive are noticeably off when it comes to color, due to funky light ambience where the photo was taken or incorrect camera settings. Unless we are specifically directed, color corrections are performed on a case-by-case basis and never meant to dramatically change a photo. If a photo appears to have an user added filter via Instagram or various smartphone photo

application, our artists will not correct the color.

Remove Red Eye:

It’s the perfect picture, except it has been ruined by those unsightly, glowing red eyes from camera flash. Luckily, this is something that we can easily remove with a few clicks of the mouse. Using special Photoshop tools, our artists can carefully brush the subject’s pupil and desaturate the unwanted red eye, as well as remove green and white eye corrections (often affecting pets). Our artists can also darken any areas that appear too light. The final result should look natural, and not draw attention to itself in any way.

Exposure Actions:

Exposure is the most commonly completely adjustment when dealing with non-professional photos. Exposure is an umbrella term used to describe how to control the lightness or darkness of an image. Some photos suffer from being underexposed (too dark), overexposed (too light) or just appear washed out in a hazy low-contrast fog. There are three different services for exposure adjustments:

  • Brighten - Underexposed photos are brightened. 

  • Darken  - Overexposed photos are darkened. 

  • De-haze  - Photos with a washed out look (most commonly seen on old photos) are corrected. 

Shadow Protection Action:

Sometimes detail is lost due to unwanted shadows. This action only affects selections of the photo that fall within a specific range of mid tones to dark tones. 

Highlight Protection Action:

Blown highlights are the bright areas of an image where all detail has been lost. This action helps recover lost details from these slightly blown out areas.

Sharpen Photo Action:

Most photos can benefit from sharpening. The degree of sharpening needed varies from image to image and is normally a very subtle effect. Sharpening can not correct a severely blurred or low-resolution photo.

Vignette Action:

A vignette is a decorated border that softly fades at the edges of a picture so that your attention is drawn to the center of the image. Adding a vignette can give your photo a classic and timeless look, while bringing more attention to the subject of the photo. This action is entirely up to our artist’s own discretion and is only used on portraits. 

Design Services: SimpleENHANCE

The SimpleENHANCE design service is the second level of photo editing options offered to customers. This level focuses more on fixing imperfections and adding to your photo, and includes all the adjustments offered at the SimpleTOUCH-UP level. Only orders with this level of service are open to receive these enhancements before being set up to print. Some photos will require all of the services offered, while others may only need one or two. Changes to a subject's appearance will not be made unless specific directions are received on your order The majority of these enhancements cannot be achieved with Photoshop actions and are more time consuming.

Remove Acne / Blemishes / Shiny Skin:

Our artists can properly remove and smooth out any pimples or blemishes affecting the photo. 

Remove Moles / Minor Scars:

Our artists will properly remove any moles and scars affecting the photo. 

Remove Dust / Small Scratches:

Photos that require this touch-up will most likely be due to old scanned photos or photos taken with a dirty camera lense.

Remove Date Stamps:

Before digital cameras became popular, a date stamp was almost universally stamped onto the lower right corner of a photo. This is one of the few design services at this level that is performed with or without your request. 

Change Eye Color:

Our artists can colorize the iris to whichever color you desire. 

Eye Sparkle:

You may find that adding a little eye sparkle will really make your image “pop”. Our artists accomplish this by adding vivid color and whitening the subject’s eyes. 

Teeth Whitening:

Nothing seems to be a more prevalent request than to whiten one’s teeth. This is a relatively quick and easy adjustment.

Color Enhance:

A small boost in color saturation can turn a good looking photo into a great looking photo! This action will enhance, darken, and enrich the color of the photo. Unless we receive specific directions, the color adjustments applied to an order are left to the artist’s own discretion and artistic opinion. 

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