How to get the high resolution version of my Facebook or Instagram photo

So you want to have that perfect image from Facebook or Instagram printed, but you're told the resolution is too low. No need to worry!

Follow these steps and you'll be able to transfer a high resolution image taken on an Apple or Android device to your computer to use for any printing needs.

1.Open up the Gallery or Photos application on your device;

2.Select the photo(s) you would like to transfer (if given an option for quality or size, choose the best/largest available);

3.Select the share or export option, and choose to share by email;

4.You will then be prompted to enter a destination email address and send the photo(s). Enter your personal email address;

5. Once you have the image in your email system, download the file to your computer;

6. Go back to and choose to upload the image from the "COMPUTER" option on this page: CLICK HERE.

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